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Delving into jQuery Mobile: Part 2

In my previous post we discussed how to create a couple of simple pages and how to create a list. In this post I want to discuss lists in more detail. Yes I know it doesn't sound too interesting but you will be surprised at what you can do with lists in jQuery Mobile.

There are a number of different list styles that you can create using jQuery Mobile. All off them are very simple to implement and can really impact the UI of your application.


Delving into jQuery Mobile: Part 1

A few days ago I started working on a mobile web site for a friend. The site was a simple one as it was purely a click through site that we were going to use as a discussion point ,so I didn't want to spend too much time on it as I knew that most of it would be re written a week or so later. When it comes to mobile sites I am an n00b. I have made mobile applications but never a mobile web site. I did some googling around and some tweeting and found out what libraries people were using for their sites and settled on the jQuery Mobile framework (http://jquerymobile.com/) .


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