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From the Phone

What's this?

The From the Phone section is a compilation of photos taken from my phone. They may be something I saw on the way to work, something cool I saw on a trip or maybe even just a random shot of something that I took to kill some time. The image on the homepage is the latest image that I have uploaded. If you want to see any of the old pics, check them out here.

The really cool thing about this section is the underlying code. I am one of the many people who owns the amazing iPhone. With the phone I am able to email photos to anyone or anything I like! After I take one of the action shots I email it to the web site which takes the photo, the subject line and the message body and adds it to the web site. It even resizes the photo for me! Cool code that lets me use the technology I have at hand.

So with this cool technology, who knows what will be displayed on the homepage. Check back often, you never know what the day will bring.

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