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bFusion / bFlex 09

October 24 - 25, 2009

Introduction to ColdFusion for Developers

 A full day hands on introduction to ColdFusion for Developers.  We will teach all you need to know to start programming in ColdFusion.  This session is aimed at people who are already developers in other languages but want to learn about ColdFusion.  We will not go as low level as teaching what structures and arrays are or how to write sql but we will cover all CF realted topics ranging from includes and if statements all the way to components and custom tags.  All code will be run on ColdFusion 9 beta and will include the introduction of some of the newer CF9 tags.

Files coming soon!

Hooking up Flex and ColdFusion. An Introduction to CFAAS

In this session we will look at setting up CFAAS, including all security related issues. We will then create some flex applications that generate PDF’s, generate Charts, send emails and also handle file upload. All wilthout writing a single line of ColdFusion Code!

Files coming soon!

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