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bFusion / bFlex

September 6th - 7th, 2008

bFusion - ColdFusion Beginner

The ColdFusion Beginner track was designed for people who have some experience in programming in any language whether it be visual basic or php. A basic understanding of programming concepts such as variables, arrays, loops etc are required to attend this class. This class will take you through the programming techniques in ColdFusion and how you would build a web application using ColdFusion.


  1. Familiarity with basic Web development
  2. Some experience with programming concepts like variables, loops etc

What you will learn

  1. Programming concepts in ColdFusion


  1. Contact me for resource files

bFlex - AIR 90 minutes of BLING

With new AIR applications being launched every day it is important to make sure your application looks professional as well as stands out from all the rest. In this hands-on we will look at some of the simple things that you can add to your application that will have a big impact on the user. We will look at the use of transparency, the use of menus, the use of tray icons as well as look at notifications.

 To download the presentation resources, click here!

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